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Halogen free shrink tubing

Colour : Yellow
Size : 3.2mm x 70m
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Halogen free shrink tubing

Premium high performance Sumitomo 2:1 Zero Halogen heat shrink tubing that meets LUL/TFL standards. This tubing when used in conjunction with Kroy ribbon 92-BLK-PR243STUC also meets Boeing Material Specification BMS 13-69A clauses 8.8 and 8.9 (Marking Performance & Fluid Resistance).

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Size: 3.2mm x 70m
Colour  Size  Price   
Yellow  3.2mm x 70m  196.10 Details Buy
Yellow  4.8mm x 55m  185.50 Details Buy
Yellow  6.4mm x 55m  249.10 Details Buy
Yellow  9.5mm x 55m  312.70 Details Buy
Yellow  12.7mm x 55m  344.50 Details Buy
Yellow  19.1mm x 55m  439.90 Details Buy
Yellow  25.4mm x 55m  620.10 Details Buy