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2:1 Shrink tube for K4452/53, K4350, K4652/53, K4710/30/60

Colour : White
Size : 12.7mm
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2:1 Shrink tube for K4452/53, K4350, K4652/53, K4710/30/60

General purpose 2:1 ratio shrink tubing supplied on 30 metre reels. Suitable for electrical installation (600V), protection of joints and splices and general wire and cable identification. The tubing is flame retardant and has excellent flexibility and insulation properties. The tubing can be printed using Kroy K4350 printer and shrink tube ribbon.

Other colours available - Clear, red, blue, green,brown, grey. Call for availability and pricing.

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 12.7mm
  • Compatible machine(s): K4350 & K6416
Colour  Size  Price   
White  3.2mm  12.30 Details
Yellow  3.2mm  12.30 Details
White  4.8mm  13.41 Details
Yellow  4.8mm  13.41 Details
White  6.4mm  15.64 Details
Yellow  6.4mm  15.64 Details
White  9.5mm  19.29 Details
Yellow  9.5mm  19.29 Details Buy
White  12.7mm  20.35 Details Buy
Yellow  12.7mm  20.35 Details
White  19.0mm  31.80 Details Buy
Yellow  19.0mm  31.80 Details Buy
White  25.4mm  53.00 Details Buy
Yellow  25.4mm  53.00 Details Buy